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Task 8

Our pitch and concept is based on Land Subsidy and how it benefits first home buyers as the government takes control of the price of land away from land developers. That is where we come in!


1. Advertisement

2. Sustainability/Greener Infrastructure and Builders building greener homes for first home buyers/ Global impact

3. Banks

4. Deposits/ Stamp duty and concessions

5. Government

6. Rebate for first home buyers

7. Grants for first home buyers

8. Incentives/tax

9. Builders

10. Price/Affordability


Personally, I believe sustainability in Land subsidy is the strongest concept when making greener homes for the future. It enables builders to build homes with less energy consumption and demonstrates sustainable living. This encourages government approval and attention as we all know how important sustainability is in the world today.


Through sustainability, changes in development and infrastructure can advocate and create benefits for both the government and individual/s buying homes. This is implemented by work regimes in association with incorporating the use of greener tools by tradesmen who are directly supplied income through the government to enable urban planning for sustainable architecture, as in this project and for our pitch, land developers do not see fit to accompany change for first home buyers. What we know is that in areas of high population density, the aim is to reduce the ecological footprint, so the use of these tools make a fundamental substantial impact on the environment, as in theory “sustainable designs” can lead to the development of “sustainable communities.”


Greener than Kermit

“Enviroarch homes provide housing which is subject to our ‘Green Matrix’. The Matrix forms the framework to all that we do and ensures a sustainable approach to Energy, Water and Material usage on each project.

Any framework relies upon focus and rigour for successful implementation. We do however recognise that human beings are not programmed by spreadsheets and it is imperative we meet your needs whilst still maintaining focus on our key objectives. We won’t tell you a swimming pool is unacceptable, we will however, provide a water and energy solution which makes the pool more sustainable.” – Enviroarch website.

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