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My New Ideas and Related Ideas Involved with Hip hop

Looking at hip hop in a positive way, then one could confront crisis or issues. Let’s take a look at job prospects. I could make positive videos or documentaries explaining how hip hop could be a useful tool for the youth who don’t get a chance to go to university or even get a college degree. Some of these young people don’t have the sufficient funds, experience or work skills to advance and be a contributor in the society. With hip hop it could allow a “bridge” for all young people if they look at hip hop in a “positive way”. Maybe they have music skills. They could get support from artists or groups who have fermented or are established in Hip Hop. They could learn how to use dj equipment or start writing some rhymes over instrumental beats and this could lead to opportunity in the music business and get the attention of many record labels or management who are always looking for fresh faces.  The individual can look at his/her creative skills, writing skills, and could further pursue a career in music or whatever it may be. The possibilities are endless once that person is recognized.

Another aspect is that of branding my own clothing. Much like Jay Z with Rockaware. Now that would be awesome! This way my brand is exposed and could have major fashion retailers or bodies who advertise my clothing. This will reflect to my own label and reflect back to my hip hop music. I will be venturing out into different paths and hip hop will spread through these areas, similar to the flow of hip hop movement in my mind map. The business opportunities and possibilities are endless once i look at Hip hop in a positive way because there is a large global market out there.


There is a skill shortage in Australia due to a shortage of skilled workers and after researching I have concluded that there needs to be greater job opportunities in the Music, Technology, Performing Arts and Communication areas. When you think about it, in relation to hip hop music all these aspects come together, so it is important for youth to be given an opportunity in any form, weather it be in Music or with professional occupations. The message I enthuse is that we must all give opportunity to broaden our horizons because the youth of today will be the ones taking on the responsibility in the future. It is fair to say that with Hip hop it is also providing that opportunity.

Below is a link showing proof that there is a skill shortage in the Arts.

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