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Task 9 &10

The practice pitch below involves some ideas around our Land Subsidy concept for first home buyers.

I have included it in dot points.

  • Awareness Campaign
  • How to tackle price affordability by subsidizing land and getting a grant from the government
  • Using greener materials
  • Using sustainability in infrastructure
  • We are focusing on getting incentives from the government to control the price of land away from land developers
  • We are focusing on working closely with tradesmen to build homes/greener homes also to create further jobs for tradesmen.
  • We are looking to charge less to build greener homes.
  • We are creating smaller loans for first home buyers to make accessability available.
  • We are looking for funding with the government my the use of grants for first home buyers making
  • Our concept involves using pre-built homes from overseas
  • These pre-built homes will generate income for tradesmen our business and the government. (economic prosperity)

How sustainability matters:

  • Less Energy consumption, with energy star saving lights
  • Pre-assembled and recycled wood
  • Energy efficient windows or glasses
  • Solar power boards installed on the roof to save energy
  • High quality insulation/sealing
  • Insulated foundations at the bottom
  • Government gets a return on their investment. Their investment is our concept in land subsidy for first home buyers.
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Hip Hop Collage of all the great artists

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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