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Task 8

Our pitch and concept is based on Land Subsidy and how it benefits first home buyers as the government takes control of the price of land away from land developers. That is where we come in!


1. Advertisement

2. Sustainability/Greener Infrastructure and Builders building greener homes for first home buyers/ Global impact

3. Banks

4. Deposits/ Stamp duty and concessions

5. Government

6. Rebate for first home buyers

7. Grants for first home buyers

8. Incentives/tax

9. Builders

10. Price/Affordability


Personally, I believe sustainability in Land subsidy is the strongest concept when making greener homes for the future. It enables builders to build homes with less energy consumption and demonstrates sustainable living. This encourages government approval and attention as we all know how important sustainability is in the world today.


Through sustainability, changes in development and infrastructure can advocate and create benefits for both the government and individual/s buying homes. This is implemented by work regimes in association with incorporating the use of greener tools by tradesmen who are directly supplied income through the government to enable urban planning for sustainable architecture, as in this project and for our pitch, land developers do not see fit to accompany change for first home buyers. What we know is that in areas of high population density, the aim is to reduce the ecological footprint, so the use of these tools make a fundamental substantial impact on the environment, as in theory “sustainable designs” can lead to the development of “sustainable communities.”


Greener than Kermit

“Enviroarch homes provide housing which is subject to our ‘Green Matrix’. The Matrix forms the framework to all that we do and ensures a sustainable approach to Energy, Water and Material usage on each project.

Any framework relies upon focus and rigour for successful implementation. We do however recognise that human beings are not programmed by spreadsheets and it is imperative we meet your needs whilst still maintaining focus on our key objectives. We won’t tell you a swimming pool is unacceptable, we will however, provide a water and energy solution which makes the pool more sustainable.” – Enviroarch website.

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Task 7:

Idea for a pitch:

Can my hip hop survive mainstream?
To me this is success but at what cost. What will it take to be successful and make the right music that is appealing to me and my fans in my practice and having the ability to make sales and not changing my style to disrupt my style. However, the world is always changing and I have now realized that with this I must also change or get left behind. New technology entitles me to do that. But I am coming from an underground hip hop scene and I believe in my music the challenge I face is, how will my music survive mainstream? It seems there is a market for cooperate hip hop only if it fits the paradigm so now I ask myself where does it leave underground hip hop. I have an even bigger task at hand. I must find a solution to grasp the audience with underground hip hop and bring it mainstream if I want to increase sales and exposure without loosing the realness it posses. Personally as an artist, this is the most challenging task in the hip hop scene! I bumped into an article and I can’t explain it better than Tricia Rose. So here it is, a citation from her own words. “ A lot of conscious hip hop artists are not promoted in the mainstream media despite the fact they are more relatable.  Their relate ability is why you do not here it. When conscious hip hop was on the radio, people started getting worried that if became available to the masses, it would encourage young people to rise and protest. And not only does corporate America not want that, but the government and the police don’t want that either. For those who want change sometimes you have to work within the system and sometimes you have to fight it. But you have to build; you can’t just tare things down.” (The Architect of Hip hop Academia, 2010, viewed 25th April 2011)


WOW! The word of the millennium. Now haven’t I heard this word many times. The question is what are we going to do about it right!

Well, from a Hip hop point of view, in relation to Sustainability as an artist I could praise and bring forward the importance of sustainability on the mic and how we as a society in the 21st century need to implement and rationalize procedures for a greener environment. It could go something like this. ” Cruising in my hybrid, saving my environment, don’t let my pride get in the way of listening to them scientists. “………. If you know what I mean, the message is there in that verse.
Check out the video link below on global Sustainability and how growth can be achieved through sustainability. It suggests many plans for the future. I could incorporate some of this into my Hip hop music.

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Task 6:

1. A) Renault Facebook ” Likes” in real life

After observing the posts on Adverblog i chose to write about the first video. The underlying concept behind this video is quite good. It shows innovation at its best. The way technology has evolved in the 21st century, also with the use of correct marketing and advertising, Renault has researched into Facebook. The reason behind this is that Renault must know that Facebook is a social network that is accessible to almost every person around the world. This social network enhances Renault’s exposure to the public and it gives another approach to selling cars as the cars are now showcased freely on Facebook. Facebook is a free sharing network so this is ideal for Renault.

Renault has used innovation and successfully put that behind their cars with the latest technology to advertise and market their cars. The use of Facebook enables the actual person in real life who is looking at these cars in Netherlands at the Auto show to share his/her offline experience with an online global social network.  His/her colleagues  or friends on this network (Facebook) can access data and have a look at Renault cars themselves without actually having to be there, which is quite convenient.  This is possible through a micro-chip installed into a R.F.I.D Facebook card which then inputs data to the users once provided with the user name and password.

Renault is a showing a great example of internet advertising and social marketing along with innovation and new technology.

B) The room for improvement could be made to show how well they compete in the auto market with thorough proceedings. They could also establish cooperate presence with pages and groups. For example on Facebook,  Renault can actually write we are the better competitor as we are looking to innovate for the public and use conventional methods by introducing (Renault Facebook “Likes” real life concept) then surely you should “back us” with this new approach! They could come up with a campaign or slogan about what they just enforced and look to Facebook as an advertising tool and really solidate that concept to base their findings, set project goals around it, show their customer base in the future and really just expand on that social networking concept. Ultimately it will increase yield, it could be quite prosperous for the company.

C) Renault are targeting the social network. They are targeting the millions of Facebook users who share their network. I do believe that this target market is purely to bring awareness and increase sales to their new approach creating worldwide exposure.

Renault drive the change

2. I hope to pitch my work to every person out there. I am not holding any barriers to my work. I am going with the phrase,  “any publicity is good publicity.” Initially, i hope to reach the youth as I believe that is important in my music as I have already discussed earlier in task 3 & 4, so the youth will be primarily my target market or audience. I am considering the benefits of pitching my work to music publishers and producers just as long as I keep my requirements and my ideas don’t change. Sometimes other publishers and producers could want to make my sound commercial and that is not what I am looking for with my music. It must remain real as my music is lyrically driven. I don’t want to change my style of music because then it defeats the whole purpose of speaking from my heart. So I will not change my style of music if offered a large income to make it sound commercial. I will already have songs that are very up beat so I am looking to make a few mix-tape where I can then chose which best suits my ideas and what I want to be published when the Album is released.  I don’t see the harm with collaborating and co-writing with other people. As long  as my style of music remains the same. I have an executive producer whom I work with at the moment and he is also the beat maker. If i could one day work with a super star producer, then it would have to be with Russell Simmons, who was the chairman of Def Jam Records and still remains to be one of the founders of this company. He has a net-worth estimate of $340 million labeling him the third richest figure in Hip hop. I do believe the chairman today is JAY Z

Russell Simmons

Russell Simmons

Russell Simmons

Russell Simmons, The CEO of Hip hop

Russell Simmons

Jay Z

Jay Z

Here is the link to Def Jam Records

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My New Ideas and Related Ideas Involved with Hip hop

Looking at hip hop in a positive way, then one could confront crisis or issues. Let’s take a look at job prospects. I could make positive videos or documentaries explaining how hip hop could be a useful tool for the youth who don’t get a chance to go to university or even get a college degree. Some of these young people don’t have the sufficient funds, experience or work skills to advance and be a contributor in the society. With hip hop it could allow a “bridge” for all young people if they look at hip hop in a “positive way”. Maybe they have music skills. They could get support from artists or groups who have fermented or are established in Hip Hop. They could learn how to use dj equipment or start writing some rhymes over instrumental beats and this could lead to opportunity in the music business and get the attention of many record labels or management who are always looking for fresh faces.  The individual can look at his/her creative skills, writing skills, and could further pursue a career in music or whatever it may be. The possibilities are endless once that person is recognized.

Another aspect is that of branding my own clothing. Much like Jay Z with Rockaware. Now that would be awesome! This way my brand is exposed and could have major fashion retailers or bodies who advertise my clothing. This will reflect to my own label and reflect back to my hip hop music. I will be venturing out into different paths and hip hop will spread through these areas, similar to the flow of hip hop movement in my mind map. The business opportunities and possibilities are endless once i look at Hip hop in a positive way because there is a large global market out there.


There is a skill shortage in Australia due to a shortage of skilled workers and after researching I have concluded that there needs to be greater job opportunities in the Music, Technology, Performing Arts and Communication areas. When you think about it, in relation to hip hop music all these aspects come together, so it is important for youth to be given an opportunity in any form, weather it be in Music or with professional occupations. The message I enthuse is that we must all give opportunity to broaden our horizons because the youth of today will be the ones taking on the responsibility in the future. It is fair to say that with Hip hop it is also providing that opportunity.

Below is a link showing proof that there is a skill shortage in the Arts.

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old Dj equipment

New Dj equipment

The above images of the old and new Dj equipment is a clear example of innovation and change as new technology replaces old. Artists can work towards better sound clarity and improve the way they sound with such technology. It also helps the process of djing and recording music a whole lot easier.      Common- The people.            Lupe Fiasco- Hip hop saved my life.

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Street Graffiti and Art Work

Here it shows faces on the wall. Artwork in Brunswick street, Melbourne. Feel free to follow some links below and check out a Street Art Tour of Melbourne revealing all the street art work and graffiti Melbourne has to offer.

Brunswick, Melbourne

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Task 3 & Task 4:

Task 4: ” REMIX” and Creative Commons

In hip hop music remixing is quite prudent. It is really a dub version of a track.  It serves well as a business that looks to collaborate with different artists. The making of a new track while keeping the name of the old directs the musician or artist for better exposure. There are many benefits. One benefit is that the artist does not have to introduce a new track to the public as the public could not entirely agree with it. The artist might be doing well and generating sales with the first track, it might be a “hit”. This is where collaborations are the key to a great remix in the hip hop industry. I look for this in my music with different artists. It gives me a chance to keep the feel of my track or existing material and then build around it. I could change the style or re harmonize melodies that will look to make more sales with the same song. This also keeps things fresh, if you know what I mean. This is innovation. When you take something old and remake it with better technology. I do this frequently with my producer who looks to take old instrumental sounds and edit them. He then proceeds to give me all the instrumentals he is working with at the time and i go forward with my creativity and write some insightful rhymes.

I am personally in favour of Creative Commons which is really accessible and transparent data that can be shared with other artists or users. The benefit of this is that artists can work and produce movies, music or any other material together with ample resources. This also boosts productivity and development as new projects are implemented to further creativity and available resources giving artists the permission to create on work from the past. These artists sometimes do not have an idea for their own work, with Creative Commons they can “edit” work from other artists provided that legal requirements have been met. However, the main issue in my mind is that in the future do we look to loose our individualism and original thoughts by taking work from the past. People from the past did not edit work or used the Creative Commons concept and most of their work are still recognized today. I still favour Creative Commons, I think editing old material with new technology could be fruitful but at the same time I think as artists it is also important to be original and don’t loose that concept or we would have a world full of edit and re-usable material that could get quite boring down the track and what are we to do when all the editing and remixing have been done over and over. We surely need original work as well, it is significantly important. A good mixture of both would be useful.

Task 3: Culture around Hip hop and how Tupac Influenced my work.

Hip Hop Culture and origins.

Hip hop phenomena has hit global from the 80’s until present. Culture is a large element in the hip hop scene. The hip hop culture is so vast that it influences people from all over the globe. Hip hop culture can be seen everywhere across the world, from Tokyo Japan, Rio De Janeiro Brazil, Paris France  and many more but most significantly in the United States where hip hop has become the most dominant culture. It really is a sub- culture within a culture.  The reason behind this is because of the message that it is creating. It touches people on so many levels and this enables people to relate to hip hop. The dancing, rhyming, D-Jing, graffiti work/art work and clothing are all aspects of hip hop. This in itself is an example of reaching the people who are easily influenced in this culture. It could be said that with each of these aspects it gives the individual or person a chance of expression.

Hip hop had many stages in American history. It started in the early 1960’s and 70’s. There was a revolution happening in the Bronx, in the streets of New York. It formed as a movement for black American people. They rejoiced and felt what was happening in the community and took that mind frame and put it into music. Ideally it challenged societies views and questioned many things.  This all came about from a man by the name of Clive Campbell. Originally from Jamaica he moved to the Bronx in New York where he founded hip hop music. He was down with a writing crew and influenced by his Jamaican roots he put it into his music by djing locally. Most artists back then in the hip hop scene could not get on the mic and start rhyming unless they were political present in some sort of political party representing the community. Soon many Dj’s followed and with that hip hop evolved.

Many black American people were getting their message across through hip hop music.  On the mic, many expressed about the violence, drugs, crime, poverty, abandoned buildings and police harassment. They asked America why. Why have there not been any incidents to help their people, rather just forgotten? At that point Hip Hop became their CNN, their dateline and to express what is “really” happening in their communities.  The attitude of the youth soon became rebellious towards the American society as nothing had been done by America. Into the 80’s and hip hop still remained political.  I was born in the early 8o’s and in 1988 i came to Australia and settled in Melbourne. At this point Hip hop had already reached global. I soon came across tapes and vinyls as there were no DVDs or CD’s back then. I did not listen to political hip hop as much, simply because i grew up in a generation where there was a transition of political hip hop to gangster rap/hip hop. At this moment in time was my introduction to Hip hop as i was only 10 years of age, keeping in mind that in the early 90’s hip hop was all over TV. Australian TV programs and music channels played American hip hop constantly. Rage and Video Hits provided most of it in Australia. In America it was firstly BET and VH1 and now more recently MTV, so I grew up aware and with community conscience. Learning at a young age, listening to hip hop opened my mind!

In Australia the Hip hop culture is not as prominent as that of its distant neighbour. (United States). However, it is there. There are a few Australian Hip hop artists who have been involved in the last decade.  Hill Top Hoods are an Australian hip hop group that have emerged in the scene. They have numerous songs at number 1 spot in the underground Australian charts. That’s right, underground charts. Bet you didn’t know of that. Most hip hop songs don’t get played on public radio stations as hip hop in Australia is a very under ground movement but at times Australian hip hop could be heard on Triple J Unearthed, which is an Australian based radio station.  Here is the link:

Hip hop culture gives me freedom of expression. A freedom to speak what i feel and what i think. To touch on society and issues about the community. Things that an ideal person in an ideal world could not speak about unless a part of the government or body. I guess it also gives me a chance to send out a positive message to all that listen to my music.

The way I look to bring hip hop is mainly through cultural aspects. Targeting a young culture with hip hop would be ideally my target market when looking to increase sales and create a foundation. I believe the larger demographic are mostly younger people involved with hip hop in comparison to the older generation. The lyrics i use must relate to young people and their views on society, as I am a very informative artist i believe i can reach these people. I am not saying that I am just targeting the youth. Anybody can listen to my music and if i reach you or captivate you in some way then I have succeeded.

Tupac is my influence

I have many influential people i look up to and admire in the music business. Bob Marley, John Lennon and some of the more recent including Common etc. It mostly involves around artists, producers, and entrepreneurs that go into business for themselves. One such hip hop artist is the poet, activist, prophet and revolutionary figure by the name of Tupac Shakur.  To me he is the most inspirational, honest and also most complex soul behind a mix of controversial arguments. He is sometimes misunderstood simply because he is not understood. However, if someone would listen to his music and take in his lyrics then that person will see what kind of individual he remained at his time and the time of his passing. I think everyone in this world know who he is and what he delivered in his music. The message he portrayed and believed. Maybe that is why he is the most respected hip hop artist of all time. He could reach people in all forms through music. I guess that was his gift.


Tupac and Mike Tyson.

Tupac, Sting and Madonna.

I still don’t believe until today there has been another such influential person in the music business. Maybe only Elvis or Bob Marley before him.

This is exactly what i pursue in my music career. To be insightful and grasp the audience, to deliver the truth even if i suffer in a mix of controversies and ideologies created by the media and public. When I get on the Mic i try to emphasize messages of unity, verbal skill, life lessons, conflicts, social issues or activism instead of messages of material wealth or violence.

Tupac sold records that went 5 times platinum or gold.  He spoke about the uncensored voice of truth, his hardships and how he fought for fame and fortune and became the number one selling hip hop artist of all time. He touched millions of young people who shared his vision. Who shared this hope. I don’t feel i could explain him in my own words it could take me 10 pages. Feel free to watch the Tupac Resurrection DVD I have posted below to understand how he was claimed to be the most single influential person in modern history and I believe he still remains to be just that. This documentary is also considered to be one of the best documentaries ever made! I cannot post the entire DVD for copy-write reasons so i advice if you want to know about Tupac and why he has become such a large influential and cultural person even after his death in 96, then buy or borrow this DVD. Tupac also acted in movies. Some of them include; Juice, Gang related, Bullet, Above the Rim and Gridlock.

Tupac Resurrection DVD link below and other Tupac DVD reviews:

Tupac Statue Memorial in USA


Statue of Tupac in Germany

Below are all of Tupac’s albums. All of these albums went platinum or gold. Some of them released after his death.

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