TASK 1: Kaz The Upcoming Hiphop Artist

16 Mar


Creativity matters in the music business. It is ideal to have creativity from all aspects. Creative artists who differentiate themselves and always look to create new music and make great sales. By writing lyrics over instrumental beats, I create music with different artists in a Melbourne based record label. (Lockdown Productions.) As a Hip hop artist myself, I look towards creating a fresh new sound with the latest technology. This approach also creates new ideas that could be highly useful towards a record company. In modern times, creativity is a key tool in the ever-changing world as new technology replaces old and it is important for me to acknowledge this concept.


Innovation is vivid around the music scene. It’s everywhere as producers look for new high tech technology. The technology cycle is always changing. With innovation new products are replacing the old as it reaches its limits. In respect with my music, this technology brings new horizons and i can now create music using high tech tools and programs enabling me to do more with my music. With new programs I can change the way I sound. My beat producer can also create an instrumental beat with many different sounds. But with that said, I am not a commercial artist. You won’t here me doing any Soulja Boy tracks any time soon. Personally, i don’t believe that is hip hop and really doesn’t give a meaning behind any words. I would rather use the opportunity to make music from the heart. I am fortunate enough to grow up in the 90’s and experience real hip hop which actually stands for something. I always laugh about some of the music coming out today labeled hip hop. I categorize it as pop hop! So my main intention with my music is basically to create and innovate the latest Hip hop sound with a splash of old school flavour keeping it less commercial. I hope that makes sense!


With this in mind there are also risk factors involved when creating my music.  The main risk involved finances towards setting up a record label as I was backing up a label that really didn’t  have a foundation. The funding came from my colleges that worked with me, who shared the same vision, as they were handling the day-to-day aspects of the label. I remember thinking what if the label isn’t successful! The second risk involved particularly for copy-write reasons. There could be other artists out there that copy your work, edit it and claim it! This happens most of the time in the Music business and a definite risk in our business. However, I think we all were confident about the springing of Lockdown Productions and believed we have so much talent across Melbourne, mainly in the South Eastern Suburbs where the Hip hop scene is quite dominant, so we went with that intention and knew that with risk there can also be success.


My interest’s in music keeps me up to date with my inner ambitions and motivated in reaching goal attainment. With a strong passion for Hip hop music i have already embarked on a journey into the soul you see, I am free when i get on the mic. I believe I express myself and reach people with my lyrics. I think it all starts there, by believing doesn’t it. And when you get that feeling up on stage performing your own work, yup this is it! It’s better than sex, better than anything. If I could, I would say my music is a revelation of times. Everything that is happening  in the world today. I feel I have to be informative when i get on the mic. I also have many different styles with my music so I could say flexibility is evident. When collaborating with different artists I look to support that flexibility, it provides a connection to their own styles.

“Big ups” to this project! I can see big things happening with the correct management. If every person stays committed to this record label and enthuse their passion towards creating this style of music, I feel this record label will be successful.

In this subject I hope to achieve a sound creative edge in my music and open doors to connecting with members in my class whom I can relate to and share this passion as I am always looking to work with professionals out there. If i could also get advice and guidance from musicians and artists in general that work in a record labels of all formats, or have gone into business by themselves it would be overwhelming to hear from you.

Check out a Hip Hop documentary  and tracks below from artists who have inspired me to do what i do, pay close attention to the LYRICS.

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